The Hometown Pharmacy picks Digital Pharmacist

November 27, 2017 Off By Dino Mustafić

Digital Pharmacist has been selected by The Hometown Pharmacy to offer integrated digital solutions to its independent pharmacy customers.

The Hometown Pharmacy, consisting of 14 locations, can now offer patients self-serve prescription refills and transfers, medication management, health news, and medication information through their new branded website.  They also offer a mobile app that their patients can use to save their prescription data and easily refill from their phone or tablet at any of their 14 locations.

“The goal at The Hometown Pharmacy continues to be personal service, healthy living and minimizing prescription costs.  Our website overhaul and new mobile app helps to further that mission,” said Garry Mrozek, CEO of The Hometown Pharmacy.

Chris Loughlin, CEO at Digital Pharmacist Inc., said: “When pharmacies deploy connected websites and mobile apps, patients find it easier to refill their medications and overall satisfaction increases.  Pharmacists also save time and money, allowing them to put more energy into clinical initiatives.”