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Pharmaceutical Daily is an independent media house, publishing only true content, with always referring to the sources of the information. By accepting to write advertorial articles, Pharmaceutical daily can further strengthen its position as a media loyal to true information.

With this article, Pharmaceutical daily is protecting its independence and reputation with its readers regarding writing advertorial articles.

For advertorial content which might be suggested by a sponsor, Pharmaceutical daily keeps all editorial rights to finalize the article or decide not to publish it if the Pharmaceutical daily editors find the content not to be in accordance with the principles of free and independent journalism and Pharmaceutical daily standards and principles.

No matter how good relations Pharmaceutical daily has with a certain sponsor, the contest of the advertorial articles is to be in accordance with Pharmaceutical daily’s editorial principles.

As for writing advertisements, that is all up to the advertiser and the content and the advertisement has to be in accordance with all related laws and regulations. It may not contain false or misleading information. If the Pharmaceutical daily staff has reason to suspect that the advertisements are not as described above, such advertisements will be removed.

Advertisements will be obvious as such and will not be mixed with the editorial articles. If there should be need to distinguish an advertisement, the Pharmaceutical daily staff will mark such area on the website.

Third party advertisements are not reflection of views of Pharmaceutical daily. Furthermore, if the content of an advertisement turns out to be misleading or against the standards and principles of Pharmaceutical daily, Pharmaceutical daily keeps rights to remove such advertisements.