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April 4, 2022 Off

Sanofi Launches First-In-Pharma Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Board

By Author

Sanofi has launched its Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Board, the first-of-its-kind in the pharmaceutical industry to feature outside advisors. Sanofi’s DE&I Board will include three of the most influential voices in the DE&I space as Board members appointed for 3 years: organizational psychologist & best-selling author John Amaechi, award-winning social entrepreneur Caroline Casey, and DE&I pioneer and renowned thought-leader Dr. Rohini Anand.

March 28, 2022 Off

Xenpozyme (olipudase alfa) Approved in Japan, First and Only Approved Therapy Indicated to Treat Acid Sphingomyelinase Deficiency

By Dino Mustafić

The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare (MHLW) has granted marketing authorization for Xenpozyme (olipudase alfa) for the treatment of adult and pediatric patients with non-central nervous system (non-CNS) manifestations of acid sphingomyelinase deficiency (ASMD), a rare, progressive, and potentially life-threatening genetic disease.