Seqens to Unveil New Innovation and Development Center of Excellence

June 18, 2019 Off By BusinessWire

Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Secretary of State to the Minister of Economy
and Finance to participate in the opening

PORCHEVILLE, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Seqens, an integrated global leader in pharmaceutical synthesis and
specialty ingredients. will open a 34,000-square-meter lab today that is
close to Paris and will serve as the company’s center of excellence in
its Porcheville facility. Known as SEQENS’Lab, the new lab offers a
unique package of R&D services, dedicated to accelerate projects from
early research and development stages to production and sales for
clients in key markets including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and
specialty ingredients.

Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Secretary of State to the Minister of Economy
and Finance, will attend the ribbon-cutting for the SEQENS’Lab in her
official capacity in charge of industry to show support for research in
France, particularly in pharmaceuticals and health.

Part of a strategic corporate initiative to expand offerings and
capabilities throughout the Seqens network, the SEQENS’Lab will also be
available to customers of Seqens North America (formerly PCI Synthesis).

SEQENS’Lab is a development accelerator, dedicated to Seqens’

As an R&D center that meets the highest standards, SEQENS’Lab has
assembled the group’s key skills and expertise in recognized areas of
excellence, such as: organic chemistry development at the forefront of
the latest innovations, two referring laboratories in physics and
solid-state chemistry as well as in process safety, kinetic and
thermodynamic simulation tools, large batch manufacturing capabilities
for preclinical and clinical studies, all in an environment that adheres
to cGMP.

Furthermore, it has innovative means for developing future processes,
particularly in flow chemistry, that are more productive and
energy-efficient and have minimal environmental impact.

SEQENS’Lab will host innovative SMBs specialized in analytical services
and CROs, giving Seqens customers access to complementary skills in one
place. For example, long-term partner GenEvolution brings key skills to
SEQENS’Lab in toxicology for medicine, chemical ingredients, plant
extracts and cosmetic ingredient evaluation. Having GenEvolution onsite
can making consultations easier and can speed up other processes.

With SEQENS’Lab, the company aims to facilitate collaboration among
teams in a modern and appealing location, designed for carrying out
customers’ projects more effectively and efficiently based on three

  • Create a dynamic ecosystem facilitating collaboration between Seqens
    teams, innovative SMBs and academic partners;
  • Gather in one place multidisciplinary teams with the skills needed to
    complete customers’ projects;
  • Create an attractive and modern space, a reference point and a
    showcase for customers.

“The SEQENS’Lab is a world-class innovation and development center
dedicated to our customers to accelerate their projects. It is also
dedicated to our teams, this center is theirs too, and is part of a
strategic expansion of our capabilities and resources,” said Pierre
Luzeau, Seqens Group CEO.

“The SEQENS’Lab will welcome external resources, innovative start-ups
and our historic partners, forming a dynamic and cohesive ecosystem in
service of innovation. We also want to facilitate interactions with our
academic partners and create a LabCom with CNRS (French National Centre
for Scientific Research) to design and develop highly innovative
solutions,” added Christophe Eychenne-Baron, R&D director.


SEQENS is an integrated global leader in pharmaceutical synthesis and
specialty ingredients, delivering custom-made products and solutions to
its customers.

Unique expertise to develop and produce highly complex molecules
mission is to bring R&D and industrial performance to our clients’
projects with a unique skill set and a broad continuum of technologies.

Science is its core business
Seqens operates 24 industrial
plants and 3 R&D centers in Europe, North America and Asia. More than
300 scientists, engineers and experts develop tailor-made solutions for
its customers and ensure that products are successfully transferred into

An integrated partner in pharmaceutical synthesis and specialty

In the pharmaceutical industry, Seqens supports its
customers for the development, scale-up and manufacturing of drug
substances from preclinical through to commercial phase and offers a
large portfolio of APIs and proprietary products. Seqens also develops
custom solutions and ingredients for the most demanding industries such
as healthcare, electronics, cosmetics, food and homecare.

Entrepreneurship, reliability and responsibility
Driven by a
culture of excellence and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the 3,200
SEQENS employees are committed to providing our customers with the
highest level of service and high-quality products. Seqens is committed
to developing its business sustainably and responsibly and continuously
improving its SD-CSR program (Sustainable Development and Corporate
Social Responsibility).

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