Roche’s site exits could affect approx 1,200 positions. Phased approach to cease production

Roche’s site exits could affect approx 1,200 positions. Phased approach to cease production

November 13, 2015 Off By Dino Mustafić

Pharmaceutical Daily yesterday reported about Roche exiting four manufacturing sites globally, with jobs consequently being affected. We contacted the company asking more details about the effect on its workforce.

Answering to our question about the number of estimated workers affected by exiting those
sites, Roche’s Media Spokesperson, Dr. Ulrike Engels-Lange, said in an email the site exits are expected to affect approximately 1,200 positions.

Basel-headquartered company said on Thursday it would exit manufacturing sites in Clarecastle, Ireland; Leganes, Spain; Segrate, Italy; and Florence, United States. The company then said it would make effort to support workers impacted by the decision, during the transition.

Asked to provide more details about the support, Dr. Ulrike Engels-Lange told us:

“For all exits, we are looking into divestment options as the best way to ensure long-term sustainable workplaces for our colleagues.”

“This was a difficult decision to take and we will continue to communicate with employees throughout the process.”

“We are evaluating all options on a country-by-country basis and will communicate any potential changes following local legislation and decision processes accordingly.”

Binding offers during 2Q of 2016

It was understood from Roche’s Thursday announcement that the transition would take five years to complete. Explaining the company’s plan on how to deal with timing workforce reduction over the period, Dr. Ulrike Engels-Lange said:

“Because we are looking at divestment options for all sites, we do not have a fixed date to determine the best way forward.”

“Our current plan is to have binding offers in place during the second quarter of 2016. If there is no divestment option, we plan to cease production in a phased approach, currently estimated to be completed between 2018 and 2021.”