Real-world evidence shows weight loss in people receiving Saxenda

May 24, 2018 Off By Dino Mustafić
People treated with Saxenda for weight management lost an average of 8.1 kg after six months in a real-world clinical setting, in combination with diet and exercise, said Novo Nordisk in its press release on Thursday.

This retrospective effectiveness study investigated the impact of Saxenda treatment in people with overweight and obesity across six weight management clinics in Canada. After six months, people treated with Saxenda as an adjunct to diet and exercise achieved 7.1% weight loss from baseline, with 63.4% and 35.2% of people losing >5% and >10% of their body weight, respectively. Results from the real-world study were in line with those observed in the SCALE clinical trial programme.
“Obesity is a chronic and multifactorial disease, requiring a range of treatment options to help people achieve and maintain weight loss,” said Dr Sean Wharton, the lead investigator of this study. “Weight loss of 5 to 10% can have significant health benefits, including reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. In this study we are seeing real-world evidence of people treated with Saxenda® achieving clinically meaningful weight loss.”
People treated with Saxenda for at least six months also experienced improvements in cardiometabolic risk factors including blood glucose levels and systolic blood pressure.
“Saxenda is an important treatment option for people with obesity and reflects our commitment to help reduce the impact of obesity and improve the health of people living with the disease,” said Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, executive vice president and chief science officer of Novo Nordisk. “It is great to see real-world evidence for Saxenda, demonstrating that people are experiencing the benefits of Saxenda seen in clinical trials.”