Poolbeg welcomes cancelling patent opposition hearing

Poolbeg welcomes cancelling patent opposition hearing

October 2, 2023 Off By Dino Mustafić

Poolbeg Pharma, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, said last week that further to its announcement on 19 September 2023, the oral opposition hearing scheduled by the European Patent Office (‘EPO’) relating to the challenge to the Company’s European patent (Immunomodulator I), has been cancelled.

Poolberrg said that this favourably concludes this matter with the patent maintained as granted.

 The Immunomodulator I European patent was opposed by a third party in September 2021 and the opposition was subsequently withdrawn in September 2023. Following the opposition withdrawal, the EPO has now concluded that there is no need to proceed with the scheduled hearing, concluding this matter.


Jeremy Skillington, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Poolbeg Pharma, said: “I am delighted to share that the European Patent Office has decided against proceeding with the scheduled hearing, following the withdrawal of the patent opposition by a third party. We have always maintained confidence in the strength and validity of our patents and we are pleased to bring this matter to a close and look forward to continuing to strengthen our IP protection of this exciting molecule.”