Ongoing investments in the supply chain for complex injectable medications

Ongoing investments in the supply chain for complex injectable medications

October 18, 2023 Off By Dino Mustafić

Vetter Pharma has announced additional investments of €230 million in its new production building, which is currently under construction at the company’s global corporate headquarters site in Ravensburg, as it has recently reached a significant milestone in the construction process, as the shell of the building is now complete, following the start of construction in November 2021.

The building is 122m long, 44m wide and 32m tall and will feature several new commercial filling lines to effectively increase aseptic manufacturing capacity for our global customer base. Vetter said it is planning to install the first cleanrooms by the end of 2024.

According to the company’s Managing Director Thomas Otto, Vetter’s new production building signifies its ongoing dedication to support the needs of its customers concerning their complex injectable drug products with regards to packaging systems, specific process requirements and batch sizes. “This is just one of several investments we are currently undertaking to manage our sustainable growth,” he was quoted as saying.

Further investments include the increase of our lab space for analytical services, the expansion of filling capacity through new commercial production lines at other sites in the EU, the expansion in cool storage and warehousing, as well as a new technical equipment warehouse, the company said. Added to this are the optimization of infrastructure at it’s global sites to further develop processes, the development of new compounding and preparation rooms, and as a result, the optimization of the handling incoming and outgoing products, the company said.

Vetter Managing Director Peter Soelkner said: “In our industry, the needs of our customers and the patients they serve continue to evolve. Our job as a leading CDMO is to act as a strong partner, take the proactive steps necessary to identify relevant industry trends, and thus, to meet the evolving demands of the market through offering adequate resources. Over the coming years, we will continue to make further investments to stay on track with this commitment that we have made as a service provider, from the early development phase to aseptic fill and finish through assembly and packaging services.”