Lilly/Boehringer Ingelheim: A long-acting basal insulin available in U.S.

Lilly/Boehringer Ingelheim: A long-acting basal insulin available in U.S.

December 15, 2016 Off By Dino Mustafić

Eli Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals have announced that Basaglar (insulin glargine injection 100 units/mL) is available by prescription in the U.S.

Basaglar is a follow-on insulin to Lantus. It is a long-acting insulin with an amino acid sequence identical to Lantus, another U-100 insulin glargine.

In December 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Basaglar as a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with type 1 diabetes and adults with type 2 diabetes.

“Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim are proud to bring another proven effective diabetes treatment choice to people who may need a long-acting insulin to help control their blood sugar,” said David Kendall, M.D., vice president, Global Medical Affairs, Lilly Diabetes. “We know that starting insulin can be a challenging experience for some people with type 2 diabetes. As part of our continuing commitment to the diabetes community, we are expanding our educational resources.”

“In my practice, I regularly see people with type 2 diabetes who feel completely overwhelmed or nervous when they learn they need to begin insulin treatment,” said Eugene Wright, M.D., consulting associate, Medicine and Community and Family Medicine, Southern Regional AHEC. “These feelings are understandable because many people with type 2 diabetes face fear and anxiety about injections, a sense of failure about the progression of their condition, or concern over fitting insulin into daily life. For many who need insulin, I believe that reassurance and education are key, and I think they will appreciate the additional resources that help address some of these barriers as they begin treatment with Basaglar .”