European Patent Office grants patent for Futura Medical’s product

October 2, 2023 Off By Dino Mustafić

Futura Medical, a UK pharmaceutical company developing innovative sexual health products, has been granted allowance of its EU patent which will provide protection for MED3000 until 2040 in all European markets.

In all other key ED markets including the US, the Company said it is continuing to prosecute patent applications to provide wider patent protection and further options for patent filings to extend scope of protection is also progressing.

James Barder, Chief Executive Officer of Futura said: “The allowance of this patent application further cements the intellectual property of MED3000, as we support our distributors’ roll out of our fast acting topically applied gel for the treatment of erectile dysfunction available without a doctor’s prescription across the world. This is an important next step as we continue to grow our business and strengthen the Eroxon brand.”