Creso Pharma introduces cannaDOL in Europe, for join and muscle pain

Creso Pharma introduces cannaDOL in Europe, for join and muscle pain

March 15, 2018 Off By Dino Mustafić

Creso Pharma will introduce the cannaDOL product range with an oral Cannabidiol-(CBD)-based nutraceutical and first-in-class CBD-based functional cosmetics across Europe to alleviate joint and muscle pain, it said Thursday.

Creso noted that cannaDOL addresses the need for organic and efficient support for the management of pain associated with sports injuries and age-related symptoms such as stiffness and arthritis.

According to the press release by Creso, the cannaDOL functional cosmetics product range follows a dual action application concept of cooling and heating formulated to activate the metabolism and promote healing of injuries. The functional topical cannaDOL will be provided in two different strengths and will be registered as Cosmetics in the European Union, the company said. The cooling effect is generated by menthol whilst the proprietary combination of essential oils heat the targeted area to open up capillaries to penetrate deep into the tissue and stimulate blood circulation in the affected area to accelerate the healing process.

The company said that the unique dual modes of action are an effective therapy for muscles and joints, providing fast and noticeable relief for cramped and tense muscles.  The cannaDOL oral is a CBD-based food supplement in a proprietary delivery technology with high bioavailability and absorption. The combined CBD, vitamins and minerals formula in the food supplement aims to enhance collagen synthesis, fight fatigue and tiredness and stimulate the metabolism. cannaDOL is aimed at people suffering from sports-related muscle injuries, arthritis and osteoarthritis.

The market of analgesics oral and topical make up over 10-20% of that portion of the over-the-counter (OTC) market. The European market has a size of approximately €3.5 billion at public price levels. Analgesics sales volume in Switzerland and UK in 2016 was € 203 Mio, UK € 603mio (Swiss market is high due to price levels). The market is dominated by NSAID’s oral and topicals, with significant unmet needs and potential for growth as sports and osteoarthritis customers are looking for new organic natural treatment alternatives.

The cannaDOL product range is planned to be launched with commercial partners in the first half 2019, Creso Pharma said.