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Frelii Inc. (OTC PINK: FRLI) (“Frelii” or “the Company”) today announced
the details of its recent agreement with Orn Health Inc. (,
a medical services provider, to license the Frelii exome and whole
genome sequencing and artificial intelligence (AI) technology for use
with new franchisee partners in their own medical practices for
enhancing patient treatment resources.

Currently, Frelii provides a consumer-level DNA Kit Package™ and report
with alignment specifically for OTC cannabis, CBD, supplements and
nutraceuticals that can be disseminated directly to a consumer without
the presence of a physician or licensed healthcare provider. Frelii has
forged this partnership with Orn to create broader opportunities for the
company within the medical and healthcare industries, specifically. Now
they will be able to offer their more enhanced Medical Grade DNA Kit
Package™ and report, inclusive of specific panels that can be selected
only by a licensed physician or healthcare provider.

“Frelii delivers one of the most comprehensive and robust exome and
whole-genome DNA sequencing and analysis services in the world to aid
physicians with disease management, precision pharmaceutical or
cannabinoid dosing and overall patient genetic profiling to aid in
diagnosis and treatment,” said Ian Jenkins, CEO of Frelii Inc. “It does
not, however, provide medical advice or treatment recommendations. In
order for patients and individuals to get advice regarding their genetic
predisposition to certain medical diseases or conditions, or their
body’s ideal alignment with pharmacogenetic factors, a licensed
healthcare provider or medical doctor must be involved to properly
interpret and apply the data available through our enhanced medical
grade package. This is why we have forged a partnership with Orn.”

Orn will be responsible for creating a network of franchisees that have
secured licensed rights to access Orn’s platform of resources, which
include: Frelii Medical Grade DNA Kit Package™ and reporting data, the
Frelii DNA Wallet™ platform, a proprietary telehealth platform, ERM,
proprietary treatment methodologies, marketing materials and billing
support. Orn will include facilitating billing reimbursement through
various insurance providers on behalf of franchisees. This will result
in an interconnected grid of national and international healthcare
facilities, hospitals groups, clinics, doctor networks and managed care
facilities that will all be able to access and leverage state of the art
precision medicine, precision dosing and precision treatment SOPs with
the advanced genetic data provided through Frelii; all designed to help
serve more patients while managing costs.

“Physicians need access to leading technologies that enable them to
treat more patients accurately with advanced diagnostic and treatment
resources, while still managing costs,” said Dr. Hans Jenkins, D.O.,
Principal Director and Founder of Orn Health Inc. and Chief Medical
Officer of Frelii, Inc. “Pharmacogentics, when combined with advanced
treatment SOPs and methodologies from Orn will give healthcare providers
much better tools to effectively treat critical healthcare issues facing
physicians today, such as the opioid addiction crisis.”

The current business strategy from Orn is to establish a strong network
of franchise partners across the United States and Canada. From there,
specific international target geographies will be considered. At
present, Orn will maintain the franchises for Utah, Nevada and
California. Among the first independent franchise target geographies
being considered are Washington, Texas, Arizona and Oklahoma.

“Frelii anticipates a long and successful relationship with Orn,” said
Leslie Norris, COO of Frelii and Board Director. “The business mission
of Orn is in complete alignment with the core value proposition of
Frelii. We know that patients and their physicians can achieve much
better results together when they can ‘see’ the entire genetic profile
of each individual. Issues such as those that will affect possible
disease alignment and what type of pharmaceuticals and cannabinoids can
be ideally absorbed effectively come into true focus when our unique
human genome becomes a day to day element in diagnosis and treatment.”

About Orn Health Inc. and Hans Jenkins, D.O.

Orn Health Inc. is located in Farmington, UT and serves as both a
primary care facility and headquarters for Orn. Dr. Hans Jenkins serves
as Medical Director and Principle of Orn and was appointed as Frelii’s
Chief medical Officer and to serve on the Board of Directors in March
2018. Dr. Jenkins is highly experienced in developing lifestyle and
nutrition plans for patients seeking to optimize their long-term health
through preventive care. His practice prioritizes preventive health
education, medical screenings, and lifestyle modifications to obtain
optimal health. Dr. Jenkins graduated from Weber State University, then
earned his Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) degree from Arizona College of
Osteopathic Medicine. Following medical school, Dr. Jenkins completed a
family medicine internship at John C. Lincoln Hospital in Phoenix,
Arizona. An honored veteran of the United States Air Force, Dr. Jenkins
served more than four years as a flight surgeon during Operation Iraqi
Freedom with two deployments to combat zones. Dr. Jenkins completed his
family medicine residency program at St. Joseph’s Hospital in 2011. Dr.
Jenkins is the Medical Director and a primary care physician at Orn in
Farmington, Utah.

About Frelii Inc.

Frelii Inc. is a biotech company that uses human DNA gene sequencing and
artificial intelligence (AI) to assess more than 3.2 billion markers on
the human genome. The results are aligned and leveraged against its AI,
as a means of creating a very strong and powerful data platform for use
by the Health & Wellness, Healthcare, Medical Cannabis and
Pharmaceutical industries. Frelii’s technology generates accurate and
profoundly valuable insight into an individual’s DNA. The company
provides DNA Kit Packages and customized reporting for consumers,
patients and healthcare providers to ensure the ideal treatment, drugs
and dosing are a prime “fit” to the individual. For more information,
please visit
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