Coeus Consulting Group Announces the Formation of ‘Coeus Healthcare’ – the Industry’s First Value-based Contract Adjudication and Reimbursement Platform

April 16, 2019 Off By BusinessWire

DEVON, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Coeus Consulting Group, a leading boutique life science consulting firm,
today announced it has launched a wholly-owned subsidiary – COEUS
HEALTHCARE. Coeus Healthcare, the first value-based data aggregator and
financial service company, offers pharmaceutical, biotech and gene
therapy manufacturers the ability to offer a unified value-based care
and financial reimbursement model to health plans and providers while
offering patient mobility between insurers.

“Until now, there has been a significant unmet need -and an alarming
lack of transparency- around pricing and value for life-saving
therapies” said Harry Vargo, co-founder of Coeus Healthcare. “In today’s
market, capability disparities, patient mobility and competitive
inter-operability issues among insurers do not support the necessary
longitudinal assessment of value for today’s innovative medicines,
including gene and cell therapies.”

The health insurance community is looking to manufacturers to bring
forward value-based models that can be supported across every payer,
whether they operate in a commercial or government insured environment.
Payers are also looking for payment solutions for these expensive,
albeit often life-saving therapies. Coeus Healthcare was created to
answer this need and offer manufacturers and insurers a third party,
unbiased platform that provides confidence that key indicators of
therapeutic effectiveness and the durability of that effectiveness are
being uniformly monitored over an extended period of time. The addition
of a unique payment model allows insurers to make or receive payments
over time, regardless of the patient’s insurer.

About the Platform

Coeus Healthcare’s value-based adjudication platform is a cloud-based,
blockchain supported collection and housing technology that allows
disparate data sources to be combined and analyzed in order to better
demonstrate total therapeutic impact on a patient’s illness. With
today’s innovative and breakthrough medicines, there may not always be a
clinical marker available to measure the value of the therapy. This
platform offers a composite view of the therapeutic impact to both
payers and manufacturers by incorporating metrics from claims data,
electronic medical records, supply chain, patients and providers and

“Using Coeus Healthcare as an independent third-party platform,
manufacturers are now able to collect meaningful information to support
a therapy’s cost and a patient’s access to their medicines –regardless
of the source of that information,” said Marc Hixson, co-founder of
Coeus Healthcare and founder and CEO of Coeus Consulting Group.

Currently, the manufacturer, payer and regulatory bodies are looking
towards value-based contracting as a means to validate therapeutic
effectiveness and, as a result, prove or disprove the cost-benefit
equation. Such one-off contracts can certainly support such an
evaluation, however, it is a highly inefficient process and limits
value-based contracts to those payers that can actually adjudicate these
programs. Many smaller health plans, providers, and state Medicaid
programs do not have the infrastructure to support such agreements.
Coeus Healthcare offers an independent system that adjudicates,
administers, and reconciles value-based agreements, but also enables
proactive patient support that allows the healthcare system to intervene
when needed.

“These agreements are larger than financial re-balancing for innovative
medicines; these contracts enable us to assess therapeutic durability,
support 21st century payment methodologies, and engage
providers when proactive care is necessary,” stated Jim Clement,
co-founder of Coeus Healthcare. “Ultimately, Coeus Healthcare offers
patients and their families a dynamic, non-intrusive extension to the
local delivery system while offering the manufacturer and payer a single
platform to offer access to emerging therapeutics at a price point that
can be justified.”

About Coeus Consulting Group

Founded in 2009, Coeus Consulting Group is a boutique life science
strategy consulting firm supporting pharmaceutical, biotech, medical
device, and payors in the U.S. The company creates tailored,
evidence-based solutions that drive business strategy and impacts bottom
lines. To learn more about Coeus and the company’s offerings, visit


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