Clarify Health Unlocks Greater Clinical Trial Diversity with Launch of Clarify Trials

January 26, 2022 Off By BusinessWire

Real-world evidence-based software product empowers life sciences companies to improve the recruitment of diverse and underrepresented patient populations

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Clarify Health, a leading platform analytics company delivering real-world insights to healthcare and life sciences organizations, announced the launch of Clarify Trials today. This cloud software accelerates clinical trial recruitment within underrepresented communities and provides over 400 social determinants of health (SDoH) insights to identify research sites and investigators with the best opportunity to enroll diverse patients and assess physician referral patterns to support coordinated outreach within underserved populations. As life sciences companies and clinical research organizations (CROs) navigate the FDA’s 2020 guidance to enhance diversity in clinical trials, this solution enables them to proactively reduce health disparities without unnecessary trial delays, budget overruns, or protocol amendments.

Clarify Trials’ analytics draws upon a dataset that includes patient-level SDoH data across an extensive set of factors, such as gender, race, ethnicity, income level, transportation access, housing stability, education level and health literacy. These data are linked to government and commercial claims, clinical, prescription and dispensing data, covering over 300 million patient lives. With a window into how medical care and SDoH interconnect to influence each patient’s journey, life sciences companies can evaluate health disparities within distinct patient cohorts and recruit a trial population that best reflects their therapy’s future patient population.

“The ongoing pandemic has cast a light on long-standing, unfortunate truths about disparities within healthcare, including a lack of diversity and inclusion in clinical trials,” said Kenneth Park, MD, SVP and GM of Life Sciences, Clarify Health. “Clarify Trials addresses an unmet need in the market by looking at trial recruitment with a diversity lens. It goes beyond assessing the historical performance of research sites and investigators by precisely determining their ability to recruit underrepresented patients.”

“Greater clinical trial diversity has an important role to play in tackling undeniable disparities in healthcare,” said Jean Drouin, MD, CEO, Clarify Health. “Clarify’s patient journey analytics deliver socio-behavioral insights to ensure the people most in need are included in clinical research, accurately diagnosed and prescribed the right therapy.”

Clarify’s life sciences software is acclaimed by Frost & Sullivan for being the most innovative RWE solution in the life sciences industry. The research firm cited that Clarify “is in a prime position to lead RWE IT solutions in life sciences.” To learn more about Clarify Trials, visit

Clarify will be at SCOPE Summit in Orlando, FL, February 7-10. Schedule a meeting to learn how Clarify can boost diversity in clinical trials by visiting:

About Clarify Health

Clarify Health is an enterprise analytics company that empowers payers, providers, and life sciences companies to deliver better care, therapies and outcomes with actionable patient journey insights. Clarify’s cloud-based business applications are built on the Clarify Atlas Platform, which maps 300M+ patient journeys to deliver 18B+ AI-powered predictions and surface insights with speed and precision. Clarify’s platform and products illuminate actionable opportunities to drive growth, optimize networks, improve care delivery, manage population health, maximize value-based care performance and commercialize pharmaceutical and biotechnology products. With Clarify, healthcare organizations can leapfrog from point-solution and manual analytics to self-service, rapid generation of enterprise insights that light the path to better care and outcomes. Learn more at

About Clarify Trials

Clarify Trials is a cloud analytics software that accelerates the recruitment of underrepresented patient populations for clinical trials. Sponsors and clinical research organizations are able to identify and select research sites and investigators with the best opportunity to recruit diverse patients. Clarify Trials delivers 400+ social determinants of health (SDoH) insights across an extensive set of factors, such as gender, race, ethnicity, income level, transportation access, housing stability, education level and health literacy. It also allows clinical trial teams to identify and engage with physicians treating diverse communities through insights into primary care and specialist referral patterns—the same insights used by leading health systems to optimize their provider networks.


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