Celogics License in NEXEL’s Cardiosight-S for Global Distribution

April 20, 2022 Off By BusinessWire

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Celogics, a U.S.-based manufacturer of human iPSC-derived cell products for therapeutics development and life sciences research, today announced the exclusive licensing of NEXEL’s Cardiosight-S, a leading iPSC-derived cardiomyocyte product line. At the same time, Celogics announced the planned construction of a 20,000 ft2 biomanufacturing facility nearby Seattle, Washington. This facility will be used to manufacture high-quality iPSC-derived cell products utilizing the iPSC differentiation, expansion, and quality control processes developed by NEXEL, a leader in iPSC technology in Asia. Celogics aims to improve access to next-generation iPSC-derived cell products and services for life science researchers.

Celogics’ first product offering, the Cardiosight-S, features high-quality human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes developed by NEXEL and exclusively licensed to Celogics for global distribution. To support this launch and to accelerate the development of additional iPSC cell products, Celogics has started the renovation of its new headquarters in Mukilteo, WA. The buildout includes state-of-the-art biomanufacturing labs custom designed for iPSC cell culture and related biological products. This manufacturing facility is strategically located in the greater Seattle area, which has grown to become one of the leading life science hubs in the U.S.

The life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors suffer from hard-to-source biological materials, which translates into high costs in research and development. Celogics aims to solve these bottlenecks by providing easy access to reproducible biological products and custom development services. This customer-centric focus on user satisfaction—along with deep technical expertise developed in close collaboration with R&D partners in the U.S. and South Korea—will be a major differentiator for Celogics.

“Celogics aims to become the go-to manufacturer for iPSC-derived cells, whether it is an off-the-shelf or custom-developed cell product, by focusing on the quality of its products and customer service,” said Jin Chang, Chief Operating Officer of Celogics. “We will listen to the needs of researchers and continue to improve on every aspect of our products and services; this will be our guiding principle for all future developmental efforts.”

About Celogics

Celogics brings together experts in cell biology and iPSC cell manufacturing to develop next-generation iPSC cell products for the life sciences research market. The company was established in November 2021 to serve the needs of the life sciences research community by providing high-quality iPSC-derived cell products from a U.S.-based manufacturing and fulfillment center located in the Seattle metropolitan area.


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