CB Therapeutics Secures new Research and Production Facility

CB Therapeutics Secures new Research and Production Facility

March 20, 2019 Off By BusinessWire

is an innovative biotechnology company focusing on
research and production of cannabinoids. The company utilizes its
proprietary biosynthesis process to produce popular phytocannabinoids,
such as CBD, THCV, and other rare compounds, not previously available
due to the difficulty and cost of extraction from plants.

CB Therapeutics today announces that it is operating a new R&D and
production facility in Southern California. The 7K sq. ft. site includes
a research lab and a production space for laboratory scale and pilot
production runs. The facility comes equipped with a suite of benchtop
and large-scale fermenters ready to use in biosynthetic applications.
This plug-and-play upgrade for CB Therapeutics greatly accelerates its
path to bringing pure, therapeutic compounds to market.

“This is a game-changing update for the CBD biosyn landscape,” said
Chief Scientific Officer, Jacob Vogan. “This huge new space dramatically
speeds up our scale-up progress and allows us to expand our
groundbreaking technology to produce pure cannabinoids and terpenes in a
sustainable way.” Sher Butt, the president and CEO of CB Therapeutics
added that “traditionally the extraction of cannabinoids from the plant
source is a capital intensive endeavor, requiring significant investment
in land and infrastructure. Our new facility will allow us to circumvent
such a sizable expenditure and materially enhance our efforts to provide
high purity CBD and other cannabinoids, in a timely and cost-effective


Sher Ali Butt
[email protected]