Author: Dino Mustafić

June 7, 2024 Off

World Food Safety Day, 2024

By Dino Mustafić

World Food Safety Day is jointly facilitated
by the Food and Agriculture Organization
of the United Nations (FAO) and the World
Health Organization (WHO), and aims to
draw attention and inspire action to help
prevent, detect and manage foodborne
risks, contributing to food security,
human health, economic prosperity,
agriculture, market access, tourism and
sustainable development.

February 27, 2024 Off

Akeada, Biological E. Limited in partnership to hasten access to dengue vaccine

By Dino Mustafić

A strategic partnership between Akeada and Biological E. Limited aims to hasten access to QDENGA® (Dengue Tetravalent Vaccine [Live, Attenuated]) (TAK-003) multi-dose vials (MDVs) for National Immunization Programs by 2030. MDVs offer cost and logistical benefits, with BE aiming for a manufacturing capacity of 50 million doses yearly to support Takeda’s goal of 100 million doses annually within the decade.