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Thermo Fisher Scientific launches new portfolio of chromatography and mass spectrometry consumables

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched a new collection of caps, vials, inserts, kits, well plates and mats improves analytical performance and sample security for chromatography and mass spectrometry users in routine and research laboratories, across a diverse range of sectors such as pharma, biopharma, clinical, food, environmental and academia.

The company said that the Thermo Scientific SureSTART portfolio is compatible with all add-on and chromatography autosamplers, allowing analysts to use the new portfolio regardless of the instrument vendor. The new collection provides sample security and low compound adsorption, even for challenging, low-level analytes. This provides laboratories with the needed confidence in their results every time, and reduces the time needed for reviewing background peaks or identifying analytes that have shifted retention times. The SureSTART line draws from existing products that have been successful in the market for more than 40 years and improves the product experience—providing precise and consistent measurements between different vials and different lots.

“As a trusted provider of vials, closures and well plates, we continue to innovate to offer laboratories the improved flexibility and assurance needed to meet analytical requirements,” said Detlev Lennartz, product manager, sample handling, chromatography and mass spectrometry, Thermo Fisher. “SureSTART consumables are built from high-quality materials that meet both the performance and price requirements of our customers, providing the confidence they need to analyze challenging analytes. Additionally, the new collection is fully compatible with GC, GC-MS, LC and LC-MS analytical instruments and includes three performance levels to help laboratories choose the right product for their experimental needs.”


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