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Temedica Announces Cooperation with Bristol Myers Squibb for the Development of a Digital Companion for Psoriasis Patients

Temedica GmbH has announced cooperation with Bristol Myers Squibb to develop a digital companion for patients with psoriasis.

Temedica said that the app will support patients along their entire patient journey, helping them to better manage their disease. Psoriasis affects approximately 2 million people in Germany and is one of the most common chronic inflammatory skin diseases. No curative treatments currently exist, leaving patients with the burden of controlling symptoms through a variety of prescriptions to the best of their ability.

Gloria Seibert, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Temedica, said: “We are proud to announce the development of another patient companion evolving from Temedica’s App Platform Technology and our first one in cooperation with Bristol Myers Squibb. Psoriasis affects each patient differently, so we integrate the advice of patients as well as healthcare professionals in designing a digital companion that meets the patients’ needs. Our vision at Temedica is ‘crafting the future of personal health’. This digital companion for psoriasis patients is an important milestone on this path.”

Dr. Michael May, Medical Director at Bristol Myers Squibb, Germany, said: “We are happy to support the development of an innovative digital patient companion. Engaging in digital health is part of our goal to make an impact on the lives of patients with serious diseases, ultimately transforming patients’ experiences through science. Insights into the specific experiences with the disease can help us to learn more about the needs of those affected. This can be useful in developing new treatment options and support for those living with psoriasis.”

The interactive app can motivate patients and increase adherence to recommended behaviors and lifestyle changes for improved long-term patient outcomes. Additionally, patients will have the opportunity to share their health and disease progression data with their healthcare providers via an export function integrated into the app, the company said.

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