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Sodium-bicarbonate can help reduce Covid symptoms, study shows

A certain peer-reviewed study (see more here) carried out at the Welcare Hospital, India, found out that kitchen staple, bicarbonate of soda is found to significantly reduce Covid-19 symptoms.

According to the press release issued by a sister company of UK Healthtech; Copper Clothing, the study found that a simple inhalation of a sodium-bicarbonate solution can reduce the severity of the clinical picture of Covid-19 syndrome by as much as 74%.

Not a replacement to vaccine

The study of 60 patients was registered and carried out at Welcare Hospital, India. It has been published following the peer review process, according to the press release. The researchers hope the treatment could be an inexpensive and effective way to support people who are affected by symptoms of the virus. It is by no means a replacement to the protection of a vaccine, they point out.

The results of the study showed a significant improvement in the clinical symptomatic picture of Covid-19 affected patients when they were treated with inhalations of steam impregnated with 8.4% sodium bicarbonate. There was also a highly significant reduction in the (C-reactive protein) CRP values of patients over the five-day period of the study. The rationale behind the study was to look at the CRP value, which is an inflammatory marker for the inflammation process triggered off by Covid-19 infection which, if allowed to progress, leads to the deadly cytokine storm phenomenon in the patient, the press release reads.

Dr Kshitij Mody and Dr Bharat Mody lead clinical researchers said: “This is because the virus requires certain environmental conditions to thrive. Evidence shows that viruses belonging to the Corona group need a low pH (acidic) environment to fuse with the cell wall of human tissue. The soda-bicarbonate changes it to high pH (alkaline) environment of the body area in the oropharynx and lungs, disrupting the virus’s ability to invade the tissue cells and thus reducing its ability to cause damage. The present study is a proof-of-concept exercise and the findings are encouraging. Given the very high potential benefits in terms of ease of use, effectiveness and reduced cost implications, this merits further investigation.”

The study was masterminded by Dr Bharat Mody (India) and Rory Donnelly (UK) co- founder and clinical research director of Copper Clothing. The company is a healthtech provider of cutting-edge copper infused products and medical devices, with the team focused on producing antimicrobial products to help fight bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Commenting on the findings Rory Donnelly said in the press release: “From the very start of the pandemic I saw this as a simple respiratory infection issue. I remembered previous research showed that these viruses or any of the coronavirus family are extremely vulnerable to a raised pH.

“From previous research we decided to study sodium bicarbonate for the simple reason that it is extremely easy to obtain and needs nothing but hot water available all around the world without any other medical Intervention.”

Donnelly added: “As a UK company it’s rewarding be able to expand the range of treatments for Covid-19 symptoms. This is by no means a replacement for vaccination.”

This study of Covid-19 positive patients has now led to a much larger study for use of soda-bicarbonate as prophylactic treatment, the press release concludes.

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