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Sanofi Launches First-In-Pharma Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Board

Sanofi has launched its Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Board, the first-of-its-kind in the pharmaceutical industry to feature outside advisors. Sanofi’s DE&I Board will include three of the most influential voices in the DE&I space as Board members appointed for 3 years: organizational psychologist & best-selling author John Amaechi, award-winning social entrepreneur Caroline Casey, and DE&I pioneer and renowned thought-leader Dr. Rohini Anand.

Sanofi’s DE&I strategy was revamped in June 2021 with set objectives toward 2025, built around three key pillars: building representative leadership, creating a work environment where employees can bring their whole selves and engaging with the company’s diverse communities. The DE&I Board’s role is to ensure Sanofi’s DE&I strategy is rightly executed, to monitor progress on the company’s 2025 targets and to advise on how to accelerate the company’s impact in this space, Sanofi said in its press release.

Together with the DE&I Board, Sanofi is launching a global Employee Resource Group (ERG) framework and five global focused ERGs: Gender+, Generations+, Pride+, Ability+ and Culture and Origins+, which will allow already existing local ERGs to scale and grow. ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups that help create a diverse and inclusive workplace. Critical in supporting their members’ professional and personal growth and in cultivating a sense of belonging, they ensure the company reflects, values and listens to its diverse employees’ communities.

Paul Hudson CEO of Sanofi said: “We’re committed to driving diversity, equity and inclusion in Sanofi and beyond. These new initiatives will help us bring the outside in, so we can hear, listen and learn faster, and grow stronger as we continue our DE&I journey.”

The DE&I Board is composed of eleven members, including seven members from Sanofi’s leadership – Paul Hudson, Chief Executive Officer, Natalie Bickford, Chief People Officer, Olivier Charmeil, Head of General Medicines, Roy Papatheodorou, General Counsel & Head of Legal, Ethics & Business Integrity, John Reed, Head of Research & Development, Thomas Triomphe, Head of Vaccines, and Raj Verma, Chief Diversity, Culture & Experience Officer. Raj Verma will chair the DE&I Board. One member will be one of the company’s five global Employee Resource Group Leads, with rotation among all global ERG Leads on an annual basis. The DE&I Board will meet 3 times per year and progress on the 2025 targets will continue to be communicated on a quarterly basis, the company announced in its press release.


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