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Quantzig Helped a Pharma Company to Enhance Line Haul Network Efficiency by 3x | Read the Complete Success Story on Pharma Logistics Route Optimization for Comprehensive Solution Insights

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Analytics–Quantzig, a premier analytics solutions provider, has announced the completion of its latest success story that illustrates how logistics route optimization helped a pharma company to enhance line haul network efficiency by 3x.

Optimizing logistics routes following a systematic approach helped the client to meet the demand surge induced by the COVID-19 outbreak. Request a FREE proposal to gain comprehensive solution insights.

The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing major upheavals amid the crisis. Though leading pharma manufacturers have been trying to respond to disruptions by discovering, developing, and marketing medicines more efficiently, it’s evident that they’ve invested relatively little effort in redesigning their transportation and logistics networks. Today the pace of innovation and the ability to disrupt are becoming key success factors in the pharma industry. But to address the challenges of future production requirements, the pharmaceutical industry needs solutions that enable operations to become more flexible and productive. Digitalization and end-to-end process improvements can help cut time to market and improve quality by supporting right-first-time production through data integrity and consistency across the value chain.

With years of expertise in offering a plethora of services, Quantzig has been actively supporting many clients across a range of industries in their COVID-19 response and planning efforts. Based on our experience and interactions with clients from the pharmaceutical industry, we suggest that businesses must focus on enhancing logistics and transportation workflows to cater to the dynamic needs of their customers. While the pharmaceutical industry is refining its strengths in transportation and distribution, advancements in logistics route optimization and supply chain analytics helps in balancing demand and preserving the quality of pharma products scheduled for the last-mile delivery.

The logistics analytics solutions offered by Quantzig leverages real-time supply chain data to help businesses address end-to-end logistics challenges that revolve around manufacturing, transport and logistics operations. Request a FREE demo to learn how we can help you redesign your logistics routes to maximize efficiency.

“We help businesses make crucial decisions around outsourcing logistics and transport operations and collaborate with the right service providers to drive performance in accordance with contractual agreements,” says a logistics analytics expert from Quantzig.

Logistics Route Optimization Engagement: Outcomes, insights, and solutions offered

Quantzig’s analytics team has extensive domain knowledge and experience in offering the best solutions that will help pharma companies optimize their transport and logistics network.

Some of the solutions offered and results obtained as a part of this logistics route optimization engagement are listed below:

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