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OncoImmune Announces Presentation of CD24Fc Phase IIa Data and Phase III Clinical Trial Design at the 2020 Transplantation & Cellular Therapy Meetings of ASTCT and CIBMTR

ROCKVILLE, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OncoImmune, Inc. announced today that clinical data from its Phase IIa clinical trial of CD24Fc are being presented at the 2020 Transplantation & Cellular Therapy Meetings of ASTCT and CIBMTR Meeting, taking place in Orlando, Florida in February. The Phase IIa data will be presented by the study’s Principle Investigator, Dr. John Magenau of the University of Michigan’s Department of Medicine, at 11:15 am on February 21. Dr. Pan Zheng, the Chief Medical Officer of OncoImmune, Inc., will present Phase III clinical trial design in a poster session on February 19-20th.

CD24Fc is OncoImmune’s first-in class fusion protein that selectively represses inflammation induced by tissue injury while preserving innate immune response to pathogens. The Phase IIa study is a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, multi-center study to investigate adding CD24Fc to standard of care tacrolimus and methotrexate in acute graft-versus host disease (GVHD) prophylaxis for allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HCT) with matched unrelated donors in treatment of leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome. The trial included three CD24Fc dose cohorts: 240 mg at day -1, 480 mg at day -1, and the multi-dose cohort of 480-240-240 mg at day -1, day 14 and day 28. CD24Fc has received orphan drug designation from both the US FDA and European Medical Agency (EMA) for GVHD prophylaxis.

The presentation, entitled, “Mitigating Damage Response with CD24 Fusion Protein for Prevention of Acute Graft-Versus Host Disease,” compares safety and efficacy data of CD24Fc when used in combination with standard of care GVHD prophylaxis compared to placebo and historical controls. The results demonstrate that CD24Fc was safe and well tolerated in the patient population. More importantly, patients receiving CD24Fc performed significantly better than placebo and historical controls in 180 day grade III-IV GVHD-free survival, the planned primary endpoint for the Phase III trial. These data thus provided strong support for the primary endpoint and dosing regimen of the upcoming phase III clinical trial. Moreover, significantly better relapse free survival (RFS) was observed over placebo control and historical controls. Overall survival (OS) was also significantly improved when compared with a matched historical control. Furthermore, a significant, dose-dependent reduction of mucositis was observed.

“We are very excited by the data observed in the Phase IIa clinical trial. In addition, we have completed enrollment of an open label Phase II expansion study where the drug continues to perform very well with clear signs of clinical efficacy,” said Dr. Pan Zheng. “HCT is a curative therapy for refractory leukemia patients but hampered by GVHD, leukemia relapse and conditioning toxicity. As suggested by our preliminary data, CD24Fc shows significant promise in all three of these outcomes and would likely be transformative for the HCT field,” she continued.

About OncoImmune, Inc.

OncoImmune ( is a privately-held, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that is actively engaged in the discovery and development of novel immunotherapies for cancer, inflammation and autoimmune diseases.

In addition to the pivotal trial of CD24Fc for HCT indications, OncoImmune is also launching multiple clinical trials testing its efficacy in immunotherapy-related adverse events, mucositis, and sequalae of chronic inflammation of patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus.

More recently, OncoImmune received FDA approval for the first-in-human clinical trial, testing the safety and efficacy of ONC-392, the only CTLA-4 targeting agent that preserves CTLA-4 recycling and thus the potential to simultaneously improve safety and efficacy of cancer immunotherapy.

OncoImmune is based in Rockville, Maryland.


Martin Devenport
OncoImmune, Inc.

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