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Indivor study finds 75% patients abstinent from illicit opioids a full year after receiving 12 monthly doses of Suboclade

Indivior’s “Recover” study found that 75% of patients who had received 12 once-monthly doses of sublocade in a Phase 3 clinical trial were abstinent from illicit opioids for a year after the study ended. In this observational study, abstinence was defined as self-report confirmed by urine drug screen.

According to a press release Indivor issued Friday, some patients had the option to continue sublocade following the clinical trial or chose to continue another form of medication-assisted treatment during the Recover study period.

Christian Heidbreder, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of Indivior, said: “We have invested in this research to help answer questions about how medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can help patients with opioid use disorder maintain recovery in their communities and live healthier lives.”

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