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I want to become a Cyborg, do you? Also, hear the words for the last weekend of the 2023

The society is changing rapidly, millennials are now 40 years old people, and it’s OK. The Gen-X folks are already planning retirement days, and the world is left into the hands of – I don’t even know what do we call our children – but they’re children. It looks scary to me. We are still here, and we will keep on informing you about pharmaceuticals. 

We love pharmaceuticals, don’t get me wrong, we love leaves that had been minimally treated with nature and tools, but pharmaceuticals have made our lives easier. Pharmaceuticals have helped me personally and the people I love. My desire is to show to more and more people how much our lifestyle depends on drugs. We, who work in the pharmaceutical industry, need to use our power and treat it with responsibility. By the “power” I mean knowledge and information. It is easier for us to understand what a piece of information means. It is then on us to present it to the people who don’t know what to take from it. We will thus strive to make the knowledge available in such form that it will be of use to humanity.

It doesn’t matter how many people will read this piece, and to how many people it is going to be interesting. What matters is that we continue striving in bringing the information to the table(t)s of the people across the world, so they are not afraid of the needle and the white coat. Health Care system might seem to depend on sick people, if nobody was sick, we wouldn’t need doctors. However, we are sick, and we do get hurt. Even if we didn’t, we would want to make ourselves stronger and better. We want to live longer, but healthier. I know I do. I plan on becoming a cyborg. I am teaching my children to store the data from my neurons and put it to a humanoid computer. I also like the round androids, like BB-8, that could work, too. I want to have the information from my brain in a material shape which could live long, with my family.

This year is nearing its end. The last Friday in Europe is in its second half, as the noon has passed. Pharmaceutical Daily staff has had a lot of turmoil this year, but we’ve made it through. Tough challenges are behind us, but more importantly we hope that rough days generally are history. Challenges are always welcomed, and we’re looking forward to them. We are used to winning and we expect to win more battles in the days ahead.

We hope to hear from you, tell us – would you want to be a robot?


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