Bosnia and Herzegovina to allow medical cannabis?

March 31, 2017 Off By Dino Mustafić

A representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Federation Parliament, Dennis Gratz, from central left winged civil liberal party “Nasa Stranka” has innitiated legalisation of cannabis as a cure.

He referred to recent European Union member countries practice, mainly Croatia and Slovenia, of taking cannabis down from a list of banned substances.

Keeping cannabis on such list opposes the opinion of Chamber of pharmacologists of FB&H as well as the Commission for stopping illegal drug abuse, Gratz pointed out.

The Minister of Security, Dragan Mektić who’s cabinet received the suggestion, says that he will look into it, adding that if the science confirms the effectiveness of cannabis for medical use, it should be given to the people who need it.

Gratz said that medicine professionals as well as progressive law practice sees no barrier for taking down Cannabis sativa L from the list of banned substance Table I to  the second list Table II, of substances under strict surveillance. That would allow cannabis to be used in medical purposes, says Gratz.

He says that slow Bosnian and Herzegovinian system which stubbornly insist to keep cannabis with hard drugs is damaging to the society, especially people who need cannabis as cure.

Recently, a man from Bosnia and Herzegovina healed from a form of a deadly disease with cannabis oil he illegally imported from Slovenia.

Gratz noted that BiH is in an absurd situation in which alcohol is absolutely legalised while cannabis isn’t, even though the country is witnessing constant tragic events in which violent and irresponsible behaviour with frequent deadly consequences is often related to alcohol.